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The Ultimate Guide On Indoor Rock Climbing Shoes

The Ultimate Guide On Indoor Rock Climbing Shoes

If you’ve finally given in and decided to give rock climbing a shot, you might need to start preparing. By this we mean, it’s time to get your rock climbing equipment in line,

You might be ticking off things on your equipment checklist, climbing ropes, harness, chalk bags, but one thing you should pay due attention to are your rock climbing shoes.

The right shoes can make all the difference, and we mean it! Just as any sport would require you to get a pair of sturdy shoes, so does rock climbing.

Now you’ll find scores of shoes lined up at stores but there’s always ONE shoe that will work for you. You can’t pick up the first one that catches your eye and go your merry way. Your shoes need to be comfortable and affordable and they should boost your rock climbing performance.

But exactly how do you pick the right shoes? Well, we’ve created a list of some of our top picks for you to choose from. Our top picks each have their own perks and there’s not one single ideal shoe but you can choose which you think would suit your needs.

Evolv Defy

This is one of the most sold shoes in the world for a reason. And if you’re a beginner, you’ll find these shoes to be right up your alley. It works perfectly for indoor climbing purposes, and can also be used outdoors. Plus, you’ll find the price tag to be very attractive.

The main reason why climbers go for this product is the immense comfort it provides. You’ll also notice the surface grip the shoe offers is pretty decent.

If we talk about the fit, the Evolv Defy is a low-cut climbing shoe. It has a synthetic upper and is crafted with a curved interior so as to help you balance your weight easily. it comes with a 1.4 mm midsole to give underfoot support and a 4.4. mm thick outsole. What’s interesting is the build of the upper (crafted from mesh and Agion’s antimicrobial liner) which prevents odour and perforations in the shoes upper which provides breathability. And finally, they come with Velcro straps, a lot easier to work with when you’re in a rush and they’ll help keep your feet secured.

You can get them from Amazon here.

La Sportiva Miura

The second item on our list is the La Sportiva Miura. This shoe is the one you’d use for practically everything (rock climbing included). The low profile built is made to fit any rock type all while providing support and comfort making it ideal for beginners and experts alike.

If we talk about the fit, the La Sportiva Miura is asymmetrical and comes with a 4mm Vibram XS Edge rubber sole which is a lot harder and more durable. One thing to note is their super easy to use lace-up design. Easy to slip on and secure without being a nuisance. It comes with a leather design and a 1.1.mm LaspoFlex lightweight midsole to give maximum torsion rigidity.

You can check them out on Amazon here.

You will also find a female version: the La Sportiva Miura Women’s Climbing Shoe built specifically for low volume feet.

Boreal Joker Plus

Next, we have the Boreal Joker Plus. A flat profiled shoe with 3D-mesh lining. The upper comes as a combination of split leather, microfiber and mesh CHS padding. The inside is also lined with breathable micromesh lining.

The Boreal Joker uses Zenith Quattro rubber which provides you with just the right friction needed while climbing. The shoes come with a stuff midsole which will provide support while edging and a 4-45mm thick rubber build.

Finally, they come with a lace-up design and a cushioned heel system to give your foot all the support it needs. It’ll also help keep the sting away from climbing jagged rocks. All in all, you’ll find quality and comfort in one. and they come at a price you’d like to consider.

You can get them from Amazon here.

La Sportiva Solution

Some would call the La Sportiva Solution the best bouldering shoes for indoor rock climbing. That would explain the number of awards it’s received over the years, Best In Gear award winner Rock and Ice, Editors Choice Climbing Magazine just to name a few.

Let’s talk about the build. La Sportiva Solutions is downturned and assymetrically designed. The upper is built from a combination of suede leather and microfiber. What’s interesting is the P3 technology used to hold the downturned shape even after considerable usage. The downturned design and pointed toes are perfect for bearing on small edges and bouldering.

Next, the shoes come with a 3.5mm Vibram XS Grip 2 sole and a lock harness system. You’ll also find the fast lacing system to be useful. it comes with a hook and loop design to give you a more personalized fit. All in all, it’s a pretty swell pair of shoes at the price of $180. The only downside is the lack of breathability due to its heavy rubber design and some may find the shoes to be a lot stiffer.

You can get them from Amazon here.

You can also get the La Sportiva Solutions for Women’s, built specifically for narrower feet.

Scarpa Instinct Lace

The Scarpa’s Instinct line has been their most successful line and it’s not all that surprising considering their immense reliability and a known reputation among veterans. The Instinct line has five models to choose from i.e. Instinct VS, Instinct VS WMN (for women), Instinct (lace), Instinct VSR and the Instinct SR.

Now if you’re looking for a high-end shoe that gives you excellent performance on footholds then the Scarpa Instinct Lace is the one for you. You’ll find the Scarpa instinct to work quite well on nearly all terrains (for bouldering, sport climbing, slabs, overhangs). The new lace-up design will also give you a better fit and increased precision.

The shoes are slightly downturned in shape and the rubber used is the Vibram XS Edge (you simply can’t go wrong with Vibram) You’ll find that the rubber is hard-wearing and will last you quite a long time.

You can find them on Amazon here.

Bottom line, you have an all-rounder shoe with pretty much all the requirements. You can check them out for yourself on Amazon here.

That’s all we have for our top picks of indoor rock climbing shoes. Choose the one that suits you best and get started today!